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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Boss Talk Expo has set the following terms and conditions in place.

  1. No Refunds and Non-Transfer of any purchases (a) or digital products, merchandise, services or events will be allowed.

  2. Payments are processed and will show up as “Boss Talk Expo” or “BTE”. as a service and resources providers to members and courses. Boss Talk Expo events, course, webinars, and other purchases will show up as “Boss Talk Expo” or BTE.

  3. Events are annually and for those that look to network with other like-minded individuals and gain resources that allows them to scale.

  4. All rights are reserved by Boss Talk Expo who are authorized to make any changes without any further notices.

  5. Any member information obtained will never be exchanged, sold or distribute to any third-parties.

  6. Information in each event(s), course material, written, verbal, or distribute format does NOT guarantee anyone an overnight success nor does it guarantee you will earn four to eight figures monthly or annually. Each result is based on the individual and their work ethics.

  7. Each attendee / member is only allowed to miss 2 lives / webinars, etc. before being permanently removed from any courses, private group, (a) or membership without receiving any refund. Each case is examined and thoroughly reviewed before your membership is terminated.

  8. Anyone that defrauds Boss Talk Expo affiliates such as chargebacks for services rendered will be immediately removed and liable for any fees that are associated to the matter.

  9. Sharing or copyrighting any information that is provided by Boss Talk Expo will result in legal actions to be taken against anyone in addition being responsible for any fees associated in the process.

  10. All rights are reserved in all 50 states of the United States of America.

 11. Have any questions please email

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