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Why Networking Is Still Important And How To Use It To Continue Striving In Your Career

5 Benefits of Face-to-Face

5 Benefits of Face-to-Face

The one element that virtual meetings could not fully deliver during the Covid pandemic—deep human interaction—is precisely what corporate planners are focusing on as they create upcoming in-person events for their organizations. This was made clear in a recent survey of 500 corporate planners by Delamar Hotels, which operates four properties in the northeastern U.S. and Michigan.

1. Getting Honest Feedback

One of the key advantages of meeting people in person is receiving honest & direct feedback about your business.

2. Showcasing Your Personality

It's easy to show off your amazing personality when you meet people in person. That's one thing technology can never replace - your personal touch!

3. Building Human Relationships

Most business executives prefer to communicate face to face.

That's because it's easier to build meaningful relationships that way.

You need that human connection!

You can feed of each other’s energy & passions.

4. Reading Body Language

Have you heard the expression: "you just had to be there"?

We all have!

There really is no substitute for actually "being there"!

And that goes for communication, too. Body language is key & there's a lot you can learn from somebody's mannerisms when you communicate with them in person.

5. Avoiding Misunderstandings

Meeting in person is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.

Ever written a Facebook status update on Facebook only to have someone misinterpret your message & overreact?

I know I have!!!

It's an everyday event on social media. Meeting in person helps cut down on the number of misunderstandings in business.

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