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Eye For Eye

Eye for Eye… by: Alexis Evans

The tragedy that took place where 19 lives were taken is not the only tragedy nor the end of anymore tragedies that will happen if we as a country do not get our shit together and fast.

Continuously, matters of bullying, mental disorders, sexual harassment, discrimination has been the core of humanity.

This tragedy is beyond sadden but not the real problem that led to this or any other mass shootings around the world.

The problem is that we lack to pay attention to the signs of the alleged suspects cry for help before we as a nation are looking down the barrel of AR-15’s that takes many lives.

The alleged suspects are often bullied, tortured, abused, and outcasted by their families and peers. But, who comes to their rescue? Hey! I know this is a touchy subject... but the truth always hurt the most when we are faced with incidents.

How can we as a nation change the narrative of these stories and not just aim to save the lives of the proclaimed innocent? When do we acknowledge that “nothing just happens” and take full accountability of the actions of all who take part leading up to these tragedies?

We have to do more than cry and pray – we have to execute real solutions that saves us from anymore lives lost.

We as a nation have to realize we are the true problem from the pandemic, wars, shootings, unfair laws, police brutality, and much more!

If not, we all will die witnessing more “Eye for Eye” tragedies that could have been prevented.

Tips: How to become more visible?

· Sit down with your kids / loved ones and ask them if anyone is bullying, harassing them, or if they feel alone (outcasted).

· Ask the kids how do they feel about themselves (preventing suicidal thoughts).

· Learn to speak to your kid(s) with integrity. Too often parents do not understand that foul language or judging a child or anyone is a form of verbal abuse.

· Tell them you love them and how much you care for them.

· Plan more family gatherings where it exposes them to other environments that show a positive and loving atmosphere.

· At dinner time turn off the tv and take away any devices and hold a sharable conversation that may be inevitable to everyone at the table.

· When problems are brought to you – learn to have emotional control and approach the problem with a level headspace. Kids and your loved ones will feel comfortable knowing that they can talk to you as well as you handle it in a mature way.

· Get more involved with your kid(s) schooling. I know bills have to be paid but time with the family is non-refundable therefore, you cannot get it back.

Be the change in your community, as well as in your home. Let’s spread more headlines of positivity over tragedy.


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