About Me

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Alexis Evans, a Business Forensic, Certified Government Contractor, Certified NACM (Business Credit), PR Consultant, Speaker, Author, Creative Visionary and Global Business Tactician.

As of today, I’ve had the honor to work with, reach, impact, teach, coach and network with celebrities, government, current and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as service professionals.

Globally through Boss Talk Expo business tactics we've helped  over 10,500 entrepreneurs through workshops, digital products, consultations, annual expo-events, private and group coaching that develop a profitable business foundation for stakeholders. 

"Boss Talk Expo is the new workforce when it comes to serving every one of our clients, and events with a concrete foundation."

Starting this business was on a personal demand. At the time there were not many people producing connections that would let others be aligned with opportunities that would allow them to scale.


Due to a life changing milestone I remember there were times I was obsessively HUNGRY to be successful and no one wouldn't give me the chance that I craved for.

I never had anyone teach me the things I've learned over the years on my own. I felt it was my calling to change the narrative and open doors of opportunities that would allow others the chance to have a seat at the table of SUCCESS.

An expo of services and resources under one roof is what I aimed at Boss Talk Expo to be. With my extensive background in corporate America such as construction, HVAC, accounting, and management has landed me recognition and profitable business relationships.

Alexis Evans (1).png